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I've always known there were chemicals in tap water. Just one sip of tap water proves that something doesn't tast quite right.

However, recently I found a survey by the Environmental Working Group that states there are 315 chemicals in tap water. Those 315 chemicals were found in 48,000 communities across 45 states, serving 256 million Americans.

Some of those chemicals can have nasty side effects like, gastrointestinal illness, cancer, kidney disease, hair loss, central nervous system damage, and so much more.

The top 5 chemicals in tap water are:

  1. Total Trihalomethanes
  2. Total Haloacetic Acids
  3. Nitrate
  4. Chloroform
  5. Bromodichloromethane

For a complete list of all chemicals detected in tap water.

315 chemicals really shouldn't be that surprising considering the water you flush down your toilet is the same water running from your faucet. And if you drink a lot of water like me, then all those chemicals are probably building in your system right now, waiting to do some nasty damage.